Monday, July 6, 2015

HSS Studio Tour

I recently watched an old video of mine. It was one that I made to show the gradual progress of turning my back porch into the Home Studio I work out of now. It was an eye opening experience! For one I was able to see that, although I don't have a top of the line Home Studio, I have made some improvements. (Particularly the white walls that now cover the once yellow walls... Yuck)

On a serious note, I could tell that my gear has not grown by leaps and bounds, yet my recordings and my mixes have improved dramatically! This just further solidifies my message that it's not all about gear when it comes to the Home Studio. Yes, I have upgraded a few things. Yes, I have added a few new pieces of gear. I am not against gear at all. But the difference was made when I learned how to use the gear I already had! Take a journey with me and watch the two videos below. The first is the genesis of the Studio, the meager beginning. The second is four years later after making a few improvements.                              (Watch these two videos below)

And... Four years later.

So, as you can see, when I say Home Studio Simplified... I mean it. The fact is that even with these limited resources, I am still making some great music! Let this be an encouragement to you! For one, that you have it better than you thought, and for two that you can do more than you ever thought with only a few key components. Have a blessed day!