Sunday, November 3, 2019

Step by Step Song Creation

When writing a song here are some things to keep in mind.

1-It all begins with an idea 
2-Set down with your instrument of choice and flesh out the breadth of the song 
3-Make a scratch track of your idea immediately, so as not to lose that vibe from the end product 4-Start to add instrumentation for a rough draft and brainstorming purposes 
5-Marinate in the song, let it take shape, don’t rush it unless it is writing itself 
6-Everything is subject to change at this point so don’t feel like you’re forced to go any one direction 7-Experiment with it, have fun 
8-Assess the mood and build around that 
9-Write down every idea, you don’t have to use them all but it’s better than forgetting something 
10-Write out the BPM, the Chord Progressions, and lyrics and carry a copy with you, when inspiration hits you’ll be ready