SPIFF Plugin - Blind Review

What is the SPIFF plugin by Oek Sound? How does SPIFF work? What exactly does it do that makes it so well received by so many? 

 These are some of the questions I was asking myself as I looked into the plugin I kept hearing about so much. Much like the Soothe 2 plugin, everywhere I was it seemed this kept being brought up in conversation. Mixing engineers seemed to be turning flips over the sounds they were able to achieve with the combination of the two in tandem. 

 Now, I don’t normally push plugins on people. My usual thought process is to show people how they can get great sounding music with what they already have. Most of the time stock plugins are more than enough to get there. This plugin however may make the exceptions list. 

Why? Because much like the Soothe 2 plugin, this twin sister known as SPIFF is doing something that can’t be achieved with just any other plugin (or combination of plugins). 

Normally, I will do an in depth review of a plugin. I will put it through its paces and test it out for a week or two before ever reviewing it for my audience. This time, I thought it would be adventurous to just install it and immediately review it. So before I had any time to develop any presuppositions or even best use scenarios I simply pulled up the website, read the copy, and gathered some ideas off of what the company had to say about their plugin. 

 This video is a quick glimpse over my shoulder as I pull it up and try it out for the first time! And yes... it was fun!