Desview T3-Teleprompter Review

Desview T3-Teleprompter Review

 The Desview T3 teleprompter is a fully featured device with industry standard 70/30 beam splitter glass which allows you to clearly read scrolling text while looking directly into the camera, perfect for vlogging, live broadcasts, interviews, and many other presentation applications. 

The T3 is primarily designed for prompting devices under 8", like smartphone or an ipad mini. Making it portable for travel and minimal on tripod/camera load capacity!

The T3's beam splitter glass with a 70/30 visible light transmission, has no adverse effect on image quality or color.

Along with the unit, you can download a free APP from on your smartphone/tablet to display the manuscript and with the included remote controller, you can freely turn the page, pause, speed up or slow down the text you're reading.

It supports shooting with wide angle lens more than 40mm, providing a larger range of vision without any noticeable vignette, likewise the front and rear cover give double protection to the glass.

Let's talk about the Pro's and Con's now:


☑ Affordability

☑ Lightweight and portable

☑ The beam splitter Glass

☑ Added Accessories are a nice touch

☑ Adaptable to a wide variety of shooting applications


☒ The teleprompter is placed on the lens which disables the auto focus feature or could potentially damage your camera if auto focus was left on

☒ The Glass has a tendency to show reflections from lights

☒ There is a lack of clear instructions on how to set it up

☒ The Bluetooth controller doesn't always respond well