Multitrack Masterpieces: An Inside Look at Famous Songs

Music lovers, get ready for a journey into the behind-the-scenes magic of some of the most famous songs in history! We've delved deep into the multitracks of Elton John, Queen, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson to bring you a playlist of videos that reveal the secrets behind their timeless sounds.

Whether you're a musician, producer, or simply a fan of great music, these videos are sure to fascinate you. From the intricacies of the instruments used to the layering of vocal harmonies, you'll discover the attention to detail and creative vision that went into each song.

In fact, there are several benefits for those who want to learn from these multitrack videos:

  • Understanding the Production Process: By studying the multitrack recordings, musicians can gain insight into the production process and understand how the various elements of a song come together to create the final product.

  • Improving Arranging Skills: Musicians can learn about different arrangement techniques, such as layering and orchestration, and apply them to their own work.

  • Inspiration for New Ideas: Multitrack videos can serve as a source of inspiration for new musical ideas and approaches.

  • Improved Ear Training: By analyzing the multitracks, musicians can improve their ear training and develop a better understanding of how different elements contribute to the overall sound of a song.

  • Deeper Appreciation for Music: Multitrack videos allow musicians to appreciate the amount of work and creativity that goes into a song, leading to a deeper appreciation for music as a whole.

Overall, learning from multitrack videos can be a valuable tool for musicians and producers to enhance their skills.

But the best part? Our VIP Membership grants you access to these videos commercial-free, so you can dive as deep into the multitracks as you'd like without any interruptions. You'll also get early access to them and 5-10 minutes of exclusive content where I solo certain elements or listen to the entire vocal in solo to get context.

Oh and as far as goodies... the Members area is loaded with FREE downloads, member sponsored multitracks that can be mixed and added to your portfolio, mix templates for most major DAW's, and an awesome community of like minded musicians! 

So why not join us on this journey through music history? Get a unique perspective on some of the greatest songs of all time, and experience the magic of the multitracks for yourself. Sign up for our VIP Membership today and start exploring the behind-the-scenes of the music you love.


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