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BandLab SongStarter Review

The new SongStarter feature in BandLab may just be an awesome way to kick that writers block to the curb! Granted, it may take a few tries, but at the least you'll have an idea to go off of. The main thing is that it gets the creative juices flowing and allows for new and fresh sounds to be produced instead of reaching for the same chords or samples again.

With just a few clicks, users can add music, lyrics, and even collaborate with others on their new song. BandLab claims that the SongStarter is the fastest way to create a song, and it’s easy to see why; the process is simple and streamlined.

Some users allege that the app is cheating because it's artificial. These allegations have not been the sentiment of all however, with many (myself included) who argue that SongStarter is simply providing inspiration and help for writers experiencing difficulty getting started. Regardless of the true nature of SongStarter's methods, the debate over whether or not the software is cheating continues to rage.

Have you used it? Let me know what you think? 

Every songwriter knows the feeling: You're stuck. You've got a great idea for a song, but you can't seem to get it out of your head. Or maybe you've been working on a new tune for weeks, but you still can't get it perfect. The problem is usually not with the idea itself, but with the way you're trying to execute it.

If you're like most songwriters, you could use some help getting inspiration and ideas for your next tune. That's where SongStarter comes in - this innovative music creation software from BandLab can give you fresh ideas to get out of that rut.

SongStarter is designed as a virtual "songwriting workshop," where users can access tons of different sounds, loops and samples to help them write better songs.


Have you made a song with it? Then share it with me and I'll feature it on the channel! 

Here's to staying creative and getting out of writers rut! 


Check it out here:

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