The Best Black Friday Deals for Music Producers

Black Friday is a day when many retailers offer huge discounts on items and music producers are no exception.

Many online stores offer big discounts on music production software and hardware. So, if you're a music producer, this is the time to get some great deals! Here are some of the best Black Friday deals for music producers.

1. The Pro Mix Academy

Warren Huart and his team of Mentors are having an insane 91% off sale on all their courses as well as a FREEBIE from Warren himself! If you're looking to level up your skills as a music producer, mix engineer, or mastering engineer, this is the place to go! Like now!

2. Sweetwater

When it comes to getting some new gear (#NewGearDay), Sweetwater not only has some of the best deals on the planet, but they also have the world's best customer service... and free candy! This year, nearly any company that is hosting a Black Friday sale, Sweetwater has the exact same price and your order is backed by tried an true return policies and instant access to real people!

3. Waves Audio

Let's face it, buying plugins is so much easier than waiting for stuff to show up at your door. (If it even makes it to your door) Likewise, plugins are a lot of fun! Well, Waves is making it even easier to get those sounds you’re looking for with sales that will make your wife cave in and say "Yes". Oh, and let's not forget, they even are giving away a FREE Plugin here!

4. United Plugins

Our friends over at United Plugins have been offering up some of the most unique effects that not only sound great but do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. I have covered a lot of their plugins on the channel here, and with good reason, they are extremely helpful!

5. Home Studio Simplified

Yep. That's right, I threw myself in this group. (Shameless I know) However, I am offering 35% OFF all my courses and even off the VIP membership! Likewise, you can get your hands on my Ultimate Cakewalk Course (featured on the Pro Mix Academy) for a low $30 right now! 

For the Cakewalk course just use this link:

And for the 35% off, just use code 35OFF at checkout with any other item (excluding consultations).

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