The Wampler Metaverse: Unlock Lush Guitar Tones

The Wampler Metaverse guitar pedal

The Metaverse by Wampler Pedals is a high-quality guitar delay pedal that offers a wide range of versatile delay options for guitarists of all skill levels.


One of the standout features of the Metaverse is its extensive delay time range, which goes from 20 milliseconds all the way up to 2000 milliseconds. This allows for a ton of delay effects, from subtle slapback echoes to long and spacious delays.


The pedal also features a "Mod" control, which adds a slight modulation to the delay signal for a more organic, tape-like sound. The pedal also has a "Tone" control, which allows you to adjust the tone of the delayed signal, allowing you to dial in a darker or brighter delay sound.


And one of my favorite features on a pedal, The "Mix" control allows you to adjust the wet/dry balance of the delay effect, allowing you to set the perfect balance between the dry and delayed signal. Last but not least, it has a convenient "Tails" switch located on the back of it, and of course the pedal is MIDI capable and comes with a 1/8 to MIDI adapter cable in the box.


In terms of build quality, the Metaverse is made with high-quality components and feels solid and durable. The pedal also has a compact size, making it easy to fit on a pedalboard.


Overall, the Wampler Metaverse is a great option for guitarists looking for a wide range of delay sounds. But now more importantly, how does it sound! Checkout the video below to hear some sweet sound examples of this guitar pedal!



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