Several have reached out asking for a way to support HSS apart from purchasing the courses offered. I have listed below several ways to do just that and have included an option for nearly everyone.

Thank you all so much for seeing the value in the content created, and for your willingness to compensate me for the time invested. 

Patreon Membership: -
Gain access to Patron only content and help grow a community that gives back, literally.

YouTube Membership: -
Support through YouTube for as low as $1.99 a month and get access to member only content.
Direct One Time Donation (PayPal):

Drop a tip of any amount you desire.

Direct Monthly Donation (PayPal):

Give monthly and build sustainability.


HSS Merchandise: -

Support the creator by purchasing something useful. Once in the shop, you can apply any design to hundreds of items. (Shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and much more) Awesome designs, at awesome prices, updated often.

Affiliate Purchases:

Support the creator by using links to the items that may already be in your shopping cart already. Every purchase will compensate the creator at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you. In fact some of them will even save you money just by using them!

My recommended Gear:
A collection of gear for a Home Studio that I stand behind.

Want your YouTube videos to get seen more and save a ton of time? Sign up.

Get your music into every major online store for $20 a year.

Clean up old folders, remove duplicate files, and update all your drivers at once.

Take your project notes with you anywhere on any machine.

Creating an online course? This is the simplest platform with the best ease of use.

Production Crate:
Need some amazing graphics, royalty free sounds or background music? Here it is.

One of the simplest ways to create a video ad. So many options to choose as well.

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