Why Home Studio Simplified?

When I first got into music I had no idea that I would be recording it. I thought of it as more of a hobby. Then after a rather rocky childhood I realized what music meant to me on a deeper level.
When my mom and dad weren’t there for me, music was...
When so called friends would stab me in the back, music was there to heal the wounds...
When relationships went sour and my heart was broken into a thousand pieces, music became that faithful companion that understood me regardless of how little I understood it.
As my love for music took root so did my desire to write my own music. 
This is the tipping point in a musicians life where their infatuation for music, blossoms into a marriage to the music. 
Just as in a physical relationship, marriage isn’t always easy. There are some days you just clash, there are some days you feel like you don’t have enough time for one another. However, at the end of the day you both know you’re not going anywhere.
The roadblocks I ran into when I first dove into recording those newly written songs were huge! I started out recording my ideas to a small tape deck. Then one day I had this epiphany, I thought “What if I took this tape and played it through the boom box, placed another blank tape in the tape deck and over dubbed a second track?!”
Needless to say, it sounded like trash. But, I didn’t care, I was developing my passions.
Over time I got better, and my desire to get that "pro sound" consumed me. Unfortunately, there was a massive learning curve, full of technical jargon and terminology that went over my head. However, I have never been a quitter! So, I set out to read, watch, and listen to anything and everything that I felt would help me develop the skills I needed to achieve my goals. 
After years of research and study, I am now able to release music I am proud of consistently!
Now, I have never been the type of person to hold on to knowledge. In fact, I find a lot of fulfillment in helping others. So, rather than watch others go through the same struggle I did for years, I set out to simplify the complexities of the home studio and help others make professional sounding music in less than professional spaces.
When I look back on my life, my biggest breakthroughs came from finding mentors and communities that would not only nurture and instruct, but would also be welcoming to those at any level of expertise. 
This is what my vision is for this community! 
Because we can dream alone, and we can create alone, but together we can achieve so much more!

Hi, my name is Robert McClellan. I am the founder of Home Studio Simplified. I have been producing my own music, as well as the music of others for over 20 years and have been teaching both online and in person, for many of those years as well.

The website, the YouTube channel, and my podcast all reflect the same goal to help individuals just like you create better music and build the confidence to release more of it. 

Due to my diligence in helping others, I have had the privilege to work with some of the biggest audio companies in the world and have been featured alongside some incredible lineups.

One of my proudest achievements was to have my work recognized by my friend and mentor, multi platinum producer/engineer Warren Huart. Because of his faith in my abilities, I was awarded the honor of becoming a Pro Mix Academy Mentor alongside some of the industries best and brightest.