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Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and more...


Whether you need an instrument added to your song, or you want your song recorded, I can help with that. Solo acts, full bands, or generally anything you need recorded. I will travel to you as well. I will bring my gear and my skills, all you need to do is be creative and have fun. After the session is over, you will receive all the high fidelity audio in whatever format you need, and in a timely manner.


A bunch of great sounding audio tracks are one thing. A well mixed song is another. I can take your creative ideas and your unique vision, and mold it into something you can be proud to share with others. Sound shaping, and balancing things out to bring the clarity that you hear in your favorite songs requires skill. Let me do the technical stuff, you just worry about what matters most to you, music.


While mixing is a necessity, Mastering is just as important. Getting a mix to sound good in your studio is great! Getting your mix to sound good everywhere, that's epic! Mastering is not simply taking your mix and making it so loud your chest rattles. Mastering takes a great mix and adds the final touch of excellence. It is the bow on the present, the nice coat of wax on polished vehicle, and it's what serious musicians do with the songs they've invested in.

Church Sound

I love working with churches to get their sound team equipped and their services sounding better (both in person and online). If you're church could use a sound system tune up, some consultation, or training I'd be happy to help.


Maybe you're not a musician. Maybe you are an author who needs your book in audio form. A business that is need of a promotional audio clip. You could be a collector of ancient audio and need a record or a tape converted to a digital format. Or maybe, just maybe, your an FBI agent who needs a phone tap conversation edited of background noises to make the speech more audible. Well, Red Team GO!

The Particulars

I know that your privacy is important and will honor that fully. Your audio will not be shared in any way, shape, or form, without your consent. I also know that your creative vision is important, therefore your audio will not be altered or taken another direction without your approval as well.

I charge per song, not by the hour. This keeps you paying exactly what you expect without hidden costs. If you are not fully satisfied with the work that is done, I will refund you in full. How's that for integrity!

If you are out of state, out of country, out of this world, no problem! We can work together via the web and collaboration services. 

For inquiries or booking contact me here:  homestudiosimplified @ gmail dot com