Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chart Topping!!

So a couple years ago I joined a website called "Number1Music". They were having a promotional in which anyone could upload 3 songs of their own to be listened to on Jango radio.

I uploaded 3 original songs and pretty much thought that was the last I'd hear from them. Turns out, I began receiving emails monthly, telling me that my songs were being listens to and downloaded!

Out of curiosity I went back to the site to check my account. I found waiting for me there over 160 subscribers and a ton of downloads on those songs! Unable to afford the "all access" portion of the site my demographics and stats were limited but it let me know that at least someone was hearing the message.

It has been awhile since I heard anything from them and thought nothing of it really, knowing how fickle people can be when it comes to music. Then the other day I get this in my inbox!

I was like, REALLY!? Number 1 in the state of Indiana! Number 4 in the whole United States! I mean... Wow!