Friday, May 15, 2015

What Drives You?

It is a simple question but the answer will keep you focused on what matters most. 
What is it that makes you set aside time to write that new song? What primal 
instinct is it that makes you wanna pick that guitar up as you walk by and play a 
few chords? What urge dictates to you that you want to finish that mix?
For most it can be easily answered in a few seconds, for others they may really think about it for awhile. But I can almost guarantee that the same conclusion will be reached, directly or indirectly. It is for the sake of creativity, and the love of music!

Just a little reminder today to keep it real! Remember why you are doing what you 
love to do! If it gets to burdensome, and it feels to much like a job. If it begins to 
drain you of happiness and you are getting burned out. It is OK to take a break, but don’t linger there, the longer you procrastinate the easier it gets to just simply say, “Awwww forget it”.

I have found that it is during those times when I was “burned out” and just felt to 
lazy to try, that some of the best material comes out then. It is almost like it was 
waiting till I got my technical self out of the way and just let my feelings and 
emotions take over again.

It is so exhilarating to walk into the studio with no desire to make anything happen 
and then watch it unfold right before you. It helps to ground you and remind you 
that this wonderful thing called music is never truly dormant, it is just waiting for a 
good time to shine.