Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Old Guitars, New Life

Yesterday was eventful! Two guitars refurbished, and one started. I love seeing an old guitar that was discarded as junk, given new life. Two with "heel lift", and one with an over tightened neck. All of them however, were regarded as useless. Yet, in the hands of the right person, someone who can refurbish these gems, they become an object of desire again.

Already one of these restorations has found its way into the hands of an individual in need. The other two will be given away later this week to a father and daughter that cannot afford an instrument. Putting music in the hands of people is a good thing! 

So what about those guitars you have laying around that seem like they've given up the ghost? Is that family heirloom collecting dust? How would you like to know how to take that old guitar and give it life anew?! Maybe you'd like to start a side business working with the things you love?!

Coming soon: "The Guitar Refurbishing Workshop"

A two hour long video in HD, well recorded with professional audio. This video goes in depth on how to take that fixer upper and turn it into a work of art. What to look for in a "good deal" and what is not worth your time or money.

The first 10 people to sign up for an email subscription on the sidebar will receive a hefty discount when it comes out! Just send us an email after subscribing with the promo code "HSS-Refurb" in the subject line.

On your marks, get set, ...........GO!