Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Motivation for The Home Studio

Every audio engineer has their moments of motivation, and their moments of procrastination. There are several factors that play on each side. For me, I am usually less motivated when I am tired. For one, I know my mixes will suffer from sleep deprivation, and for two... I usually end up going back and thinking, "What was I thinking?" So I rely heavily on coffee. I love coffee! It not only peps me up but it relaxes me as well. I am a coffee critic. I love trying different brands, different blends, and love to make up my own. So, one oft favorite "Homebrews" is the "Juniorint Latte". Everyone who has had it also loves it! In fact I have had people travel from miles away just to have one!

So, to beak away from the monotony of typical posts, today I hand down to you my "secret recipe". Try it and let me know what think.

Why? Because coffee is good!