Saturday, November 21, 2015

Unboxing/Review of The Miracle Sound Lavaliere Mic

My Unboxing/Review of The Miracle Sound Lavaliere Mic

When speaking to people on camera, the general rule of thumb is to get the mic as close to the person as you can without it being obtrusive. That's where a good lavaliere mic comes in. There are many on the market for a wide range of applications, but few that are affordable and work in concert with the iPhone. I personally needed both affordability and integration with the iPhone so after a little research I came across the Miracle Sound lav mic.

Set back by the price (how cheap it was) I was a little hesitant to purchase it, but at $17 w/shipping I thought it would be worth a try. The shipping from Amazon was fast and the packaging was great! I was amazed that so much care was placed on getting the product to me in good working condition.

Upon opening the box I was delighted to see that the mic package itself was wrapped in bubble wrap and that there was no room for it to be jostled around in the box. I unwrapped the package to reveal a nice little zip-lock pouch that contained the microphone. I was at first kind of leery about that, thinking to myself, “they put the mic in a zip-lock baggie”!? However, after I opened it up I immediately was relieved to find that it there was another pouch inside that held the actual mic. It is a nice felt lined pouch with a Velcro enclosure and I could see that much care was taken into placing the mic inside the pouch.

Having owned lavaliere mics in the past and knowing their woes, I was extremely pleased to see that the mic came with a windscreen. One thing I was not fond of was that the cord is only about 4' long and the clip is not detachable. Other than that the mic works great and sounds a ton better that the built in mic on my iPhone 4S. It does record a little hot though so don't get to awful loud with it otherwise it will distort.

Pros: Affordable, easily integrated with mobile devices, comes with a nice pouch and windscreen

Cons: Cord length, permanently attached mic clip, seems to record a little on the hot side

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