Friday, January 1, 2016

Interview with Don Cherry

To start out the new year, I have a special guest on the podcast, a man by the name of Don Cherry. Don founded the ministry "Strings With Wings", and in this episode he gives the back story of how it all got started. I also tell my story about how I met Don and how I eventually became a help to him.  I have included some pictures below that correspond with this episode! I hope you all had an awesome New Year's! God Bless! (Don't have iTunes? then try this link:

My first time at Don's house back in 2011. This is the Guitar Room!

So many choices. Here I am reaching for the Sakura acoustic.

Don showing me more options.

This was the Washburn and the little girl I gave it to.

Our first lesson!

In the picture above I am holding the Fender Strat that belonged to the church, this was before it was stolen. Man! I really miss that guitar!

Here's the Sakura.
It eventually was planted into good hands!
Years later and I am helping get instruments planted with Don!

In this picture I am holding a gift that Don gave me, a Tele style Indiana guitar! It was his way of saying thank you! Behind us are the instruments that will be refurbished and given away to those who are in need. Poor Don had put in a full days work and then a full day of Jamming. I am sure he liked the latter more than the former though. What a journey, what a blessing, and what a great God we serve!

If you'd like to contact Don, his email is