Monday, February 1, 2016

Song Creation, Step by Step

Well, the "Creating A Song: Step By Step" video series is over, and the newly created song "That I Might Live" has reached the final mix stage. If you have not followed along during the process of making the intangible idea a "tangible" song then head on over there and check that out.

There were some great take away points that I wanted to share with you though, when it comes to the process as a whole.
  • The single best thing that someone could do for their recordings is to commit to their sounds and utilize some processing on the way in.
  • Having an arrangement in mind long before recording can help but the arrangement should not be restricted to one "phase" of song production
  • By using small moves in several places it does a whole lot more than huge moves in fewer places
  • The best tones are not achieved inside a DAW but before they ever go in
  • Attention to detail and timing makes a huge difference between a mediocre production and a professional sounding one
I hope you have enjoyed the series. If you have any questions hit me up!