Thursday, February 11, 2016

We Have A Lot To Learn

I saw this a few months ago and just had to share it! This so true! I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and watched several videos of "famous" mixing engineers and all of them say repeatedly that they are learning stuff everyday. Mixing is very technical, but there is a side to it that is also very artistic. Maintaining a balance between the two is crucial, and when art is involved with nearly anything, it is always evolving and changing shape.The only way to effectively manage that change is to continue learning and trying new things.

Today, I encourage you, that before the end of this week, try something new. Search youtube for a cool trick or tip and apply it. Put up some mics and move them around a room with an acoustic guitar until you have a catalog of various sounds in that room. Put a distortion pedal on your keyboard. (It actually sounds pretty cool) What you will find is that by doing things in a different way and learning new things to try out, you will rekindle the passion for what makes you unique. Your methods will be different, your style is different, your music will be different, because you are unique. So don't be afraid of learning new things from someone else, rather embrace them and they will ultimately fall into your hnads and be molded in a way that only you can.

I challenge you to DO SOMETHING new this week!