Monday, February 27, 2017

Donner "Eternal Bind" Review

Eternal bind is the Swiss army knife box that creates a variety of types of delay and a stereo loop machine with 40 seconds record time. Three knobs and one rotary switch, and a toggle,  make the operation versatile and intuitive.

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Flexible i/o jacks detect the stereo and mono connections automatically
True bypass
Runs on battery and AC power
7 Modeling delay models
1 Storable user preset sampling
Frequency: 44.1 Khz a/d
Converter: 24-Bit signal
Processing: 32-Bit frequency

Sunday, February 12, 2017

HSS Episode 037-Brian Wampler Interview

On today's show we have Brain Wampler the President of Wampler Pedals. We discuss some of the mindsets that go into his pedals and also where the ideas come from. If you have not checked out his YouTube channel, you owe it to yourself to watch some of his gear reviews as well as his great guitar playing. This was the most laid back of all the interviews thus far and one that I honestly have to say was the most fun. Below are all the links you need to find Brian and to join in Chasing Tone with him, as well as some of his other products discussed in the podcast.



Wampler Pedals Website:

The Wampler FB Group:

The Wampler YouTube Channel:

Wampler on Twiiter: @WamplerPedals

Wampler on Instagram: @wamplerpedals

Wampler on SnapChat: @brianwampler

Chasing Tone Podcast:

DIY Pedals book:


*The Rock'em Sock'em Robots Vid: Low Blow Teaser

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