Wednesday, October 31, 2018

New Song Release!

Purchase the song here: You can find it in  nearly every online streaming service as well.

This song was birthed from the heart and soul. I chose to release it at this crucial time for another reason altogether, only to find that my selected title would fit not only the lyrical content but a historical shift that took place on the same day some 500 years ago. 

According to one account, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg on none other than October 31st 1517. His bold stand against religious atrocities help to shape our beliefs even still today. It ushered in the Protestant reformation.

When this song was finished, the title “Protestant” just came to me. So I went about planning for the album art. My first inclination was to find a picture of Luther nailing his writings to the door. To my astonishment I found that this event took place on the very day I’d planned to release this single.