Saturday, March 14, 2020

A Complete Pedal Board for $238!

Now, I am not a big "grit" kinda guy. I like a little dirt on my tone, but only when I really dig in to my playing. This pedal just sounds... well good. It has all the makings of a legendary boost/drive pedal, and I fear it will someday become as expensive as the name brand alternatives.

The "High" mode with just a little turn of the knobs has become my go to crunchy sound!

I never really saw the usefulness of having an EQ pedal on my board until I used this thing! Wow! For the first time I was able to get my tone to sound like what I am hearing in my head! Scooping out the lows and taking out some of the 1k honk that the Strat gives made my amp sound like a million bucks!

What's really cool is that you can use this on keyboard, mics, as outboard gear, etc.

The fact that this has a Level slider makes it very versatile as well! You can use it as a boost after your drive or an extra added boost into your drive for more grit. However you decide to use it, you're going to love it!

This pedal rivals that of the boutique pedals on the market and is exceptional at adding depth to your tone. The fact that every setting can be altered with tempo tapping, and tails can be extended (even after being disengaged) make this pedal a workhorse of tonal options.

I don't even like chorus normally, yet this pedal has some great sounding chorus!

You can get anything from springy attacks on the reverb to a near infinite wash of ambient goodness! All, in all... I love it!

Loopers are awesome at making your timing better and improving your ability to layer parts properly. When you have 10 minutes of looping time (like this pedal offers) the possibilities are limitless. With unlimited overdubs and a plaback level setting, it is a one man band kinda guys dream pedal. You could literally record an entire EP on this pedal and play it back to jam over top of!

There are really only a few things that you need out of a good guitar patch cable. It needs to sound good (not have bad connections or allow for EMI) and it needs to be crazy durable. These cables not only meet those needs but exceeded my expectations given their affordability!

I was able to put together this little pedal board and still had some left over with just one pack!

Don't give in to the "snake oil" and the audiophile hype about boutique cables! All cables are intended to carry an electrical signal, and a small one at that. Although varying materials will cause small amounts of coloration to the sound it is not so noticeable that you should rush out and throw your life savings at putting a pedalboard together!

In short... these cables are perfect for the practical musician!

Much like the Motherboard to the PC, the power supply is "heart" of your pedalboard. Without a good clean power supply all your efforts will be in vain. You could throw a thousand dollar pedaboard together with all the best boutique pedals and it would flop without a good power supply.

I am confident that this particular power supply would be able to handle that task! Not only does it have a ton of very useful features but it is whisper quiet! I built the small board pictured and still have a ton of expansion options.

For the price, you can afford more pedals and spend less on the power supply in this instance, and still get good clean power to all of your pedals!