Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Live Interview with Matt Boudreau

Matt Boudreau has been involved in audio and music professionally since 1987. He started out playing drums in the bands The Sextants (Imago) & Seven Day Diary (Reprise/Warner Bros.) in the days of six-figure record deals. 

In 1994 he transitioned to the other side of the glass as an engineer & producer. His journey has taken him through studio ownership, numerous records, marriage, kids, failures, and victories. 

He currently mixes and masters out of his home tracks at his favorite studios and has sworn off studio ownership until he loses his mind again. He is also the creator and host of WCA (Working Class Audio Podcast).

Needless to say, this live interview has some nuggets of wisdom. We also took some questions from those that hopped on with us. It was very informative and a lot of fun!