Why I Love Cakewalk by BandLab

5. Mix Recall The mix recall feature is a huge game changer. With Cakewalk’s ability to create scenes as well as alt mixes within any given project, you can literally have instant recall to different versions of the same mix, or even save a remix within the same project. This is also great for mix revisions. Say you send out a mix and the artist wants the vocals, the drums, and the bass to be up by just a few dBs, then they call back a few days later and want to go back to the original. Now, there is no need to adjust everything back to the settings you had written down on a piece of paper, or bring up a separate session, simply go back in and select your previous version and recall everything instantly. 4. Infinite Routing Possibilities Whether it’s patch points or aux tracks, you have infinite routing possibilities that you have within the DAW. Let’s say that you want to route your audio, or your midi dry and wet to two separate tracks, or maybe you want your bass guitar split into a high and a low band, so that you can treat them differently, or maybe you want to take two mono sources and blend them together as one stereo track. All of this and more is possible through the use of aux tracks that can actually be displayed right underneath the tracks that you currently have in your project. 3. Completely Customizable In Cakewalk, everything from the way that it looks, to the way that it loads a project and even down to making custom plugin chains and templates that can then be recalled at any time, is completely customizable! 2. No Limitations There are no limitations to this free DAW! With most affordable or free DAWS, you are given a set amount of tracks, or minimal options to start with, but not with Cakewalk. Whether you are tracking, mixing, or mastering, you will have all of the tools you need right at your fingertips, from essential to unique, right out of the gate. The layout is designed to emulate the layout of an analog console. You can even build and upload your channel strip with an expandable library of pro channel modules, ranging from everything from convolution reverb, resonant filtering dynamic compression, powerful EQ, tape and console emulation, peak limiting, tube saturation. You will also get great stock plugins and a virtual instrument suite of the main essentials for making great music, all for free! 1. It’s FREE! This is absolutely the top reason to love Cakewalk. There are no strings attached, no hidden gimmicks, no buy-up plans, it is 100% free. Cakewalk is an excellent and affordable solution to getting started and allows you to focus on buying other essential elements to making music first.