Friday, September 4, 2015

Following My Own Advice

So recently in the podcast I gave a list of things that I would be doing different in the future when recording or putting an album together. Well, I have been following my own advice. Now though it was respective to things I needed to improve, the advice itself was not solely mine. I have been learning a lot lately and have already put into place several things that are helping, things that I would've overlooked or thought not to be important had someone else not taught me the importance.

So today I share a short list with you of things that are important when it comes to recording, mixing, or just plain studio related work.

• Work on gettin a sound that when recorded will NOT need much done to it in the mix from whatever source you are recording

• Use not only your ears but your resovoir of knowledge to know what a particular source should sound like and go with it

• Record more than one take even if you thought the last one just nailed it

• Make your gear work for you, not against you (
ie; use your gears low pass/high pass filters, impedance controls, etc. to shape the sound to what you want in the way in)

• Don't worry about the length of time it take to get a great sound, it will pay off later

• Record at lower levels -18 to -12 at the highest (if recording 24 bit, not much hotter if you're at 16 bit though)

• Edit, Edit, Edit

Already these few simple steps are improving my latest recording, I will be sharing some other things here soon on the YouTube channel. Stay tuned, subscribe, and share!