Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Better Mix: Simple Steps

After my latest album release I made some resolutions. There have been some things that I have always done just to "get by" and make some music. Well, I realize that I was wrong about a lot of those methods. (Yep, I just said I was wrong)

So I decided if I was going to step it up and get more serious about making better music/better mixes that I had to break away from the norm. This means I would have to work harder, but I have to say, it was worth it! This latest song nearly mixed itself and the truth is, I had more fun with it! Though these things are commonly known, I am reiterating there importance to making better mixes. For the most part I have utilized these in most of mixes, but going forward, I will be takin the time to implement these methods on EVERY mix, EVERY time!

So, check out this video, and let me know if you have any other tips for the community. God Bless!