Saturday, October 24, 2015

Save Time with MIDI

MIDI Recording

Recording, although fun, we still want to speed things up a bit and get something released! This MIDI tip will help you do just that! I recently laid down a track for a song I am arranging and thought mixing would be easier if I could get all my takes from various MIDI sounds at once. Then I thought, arrangement  would go smoother as well if I had all those sounds at my disposal right out of the gate. Audio engineers tend to over-complicate things. So, as an experiment, I thought I would just route all of my sounds to the same controller and play the exact same part at the same time. After it was all said and done I had every sound I wanted at my finger tips. played the exact same way, and setting right in front of me! That was easy! Now I know that this isn't revelatory to some of you , but anything that saves time now days is worth mentioning. I hope this helps. Watch the video below for a visual on this. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe. I am now uploading a new video every Saturday!