Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Physics of Equality-Production Elements

Wow! It's been crazy busy around here lately! Family Christmas before Christmas, shopping, Black Friday, and on top of that the typical Studio work. (Recording, Mixing, Mastering, drinking lots of coffee...)

So, I recently had the privilege of Recording Singer-Songwriter Justin Clark. Justin has been a long time friend from way back in my High School days and at that time he was just starting out on the guitar. In fact, he conveyed to me that I was the first person to show him a chord! Well, fast forward to now and man alive! This guy is good! After we reunited through a concert I was having at a local coffee shop, we got to talking about music and "geeking out" on acoustic guitars. One thing led to another and I was recording him here in my home studio. Needless to say it has been a blast!

We have discussed already that we are going to work through an EP for him to release in early February. (that's my goal) I thought I would document my progress each step of the way and so here is my first installment. In the video below I cover some of the production elements that I added to what was originally intended to be a sparse arrangement. The first thing he wanted was to just get a song recorded. He was expecting a simple acoustic guitar track and a vocal over top of that. However, after discussing different options, and showing him what could be done with the song by adding a few elements to it on the production side of things, he jumped in feet first with a full production.