Tuesday, May 30, 2017

HSS Episode 040-Recollection and Free Stuff

On April 13th, in the year 2015, the very first episode of Home Studio Simplified was released.

 Since then I have had the amazing opportunity to interview a myriad of great people:

 All of this has taken a lot of work. But it's been fun! No, it's not always easy to manage the time that it takes to put together podcasts, videos, upkeep a Facebook Page, and run a blog, as well as work a full time job. However, I continue to do so with the hope that someone out there may find something that is said or done informative and useful.

 I will admit that there have been times I've been wrong, there have been times that I have not covered things the best, or given enough information. There have been time that I have fell short of providing you with the best value, in order to promote an idea or a product that I thought would help to further my own interests. For those times I apologize and would ask your forgiveness.

 I will continue to be a goofball, this is a given, I will continue to post things that are humorous, I may even provide another fake commercial here and there as I did in Episode 026, but I will try my best to always provide something of worth. This is my promise to you. If I should begin to waiver in this area please let me know. I really want to help you. If there are topics that I could cover that I have not, then please let me know.

  This months episode we are celebrating with some offers that you may not know about.

 If you'd like to support the podcast you can join me on Patreon. A mere $5 a month could allow me to release better quality shows more often, and will help to put instruments into the hands of individuals who cant afford them.

Check out this episode!

HSS Episode 040

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Noisy Recordings?

Here are some actions to take in order to eliminate microphone/instrument noise. Make sure that your not clipping your audio signal as its being recorded. You should be recording not louder than -6dbs in your sessions. In the old days, driving the gear to get saturation was awesome, now... not so much. In a digital realm it only causes crackle and pops that cant be fixed.
Next thing is to test each mic by itself, do some test recording and narrow it down to it only being one mic, or if they all have the same problem, it may be something else. Check your cables, if you hear a particular noise while setting up or recording, shake a few cables around and see if it goes away. If so, it could just be a faulty cable.

Now, I personally own a Lenovo with Windows 10 and it has not caused me any grief unless I don't update it regularly. Make sure you're all up to date, and make sure to update your audio drivers.
So, if you are having audio issues with noise, try these things out.

Test each cable out.
Test each mic/instrument by itself.
Make sure your gain is set very modestly so that your meters don't ever touch the top or go into the red area.

For audio drivers:
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the sound driver.
- Once uninstalled, reboot your PC and it should reinstall the driver automatically.
- If it will not install, download and install the latest driver from the manufacturer site of the motherboard.
- Reboot your PC again after installing the latest driver then test it again.

Let me know if any of these help!