Saturday, October 22, 2016

HSS Episode 033-Interview with Warren Huart

On today's show we have Warren Huart, Mulit-Platinum Producer, Songwriter, and Mixing Engineer.


His credits are vast, his love for music is obvious, and his knowledge of all things recording seems limitless.


Yet some of his greatest traits are his humilty and willingness to keep learning. Those wonderful traits are expounded upon daily in his blog posts, YouTube videos, and his involvment in the community that he has created on the Produce Like A Pro website.


Produce Like A Pro Facebook Page


Warren Huart's Website w/credits


Produce Like A Pro Podcast


PLAP in iTunes


PLAP Soundcloud


PLAP Academy


PLAP YouTube Channel

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Guitar Mod- The Brass Nut Review

The stock nut that comes on a guitar is usually not the greatest.
However, for just a few pennies on the dollar you can upgrade to many
different variations to achieve a sound more noteworthy.

Today, we review the Brass Compensated nut made by Axemasters on eBay. Here is the link to purchase one of your own:

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Commit To Sounds

Friday, September 30, 2016

HSS Episode 032-My Favorite SONAR features

I am not endorsed or paid by Cakewalk. I am not trying to sway anyone in any direction. My sole purpose of this podcast is simply to share my thoughts on my favorite DAW.


Also covered in this podcast quickly is some info on the Patreon page I recently launched. You can find out more about it here.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Home Studio Simplified's Patreon Page Launch

Patreon is a website that models the same pay structure of the days of old. In ye olden days musicians, artists, and creatives in general, would be paid by patrons that loved their work. (Usually nobility) As their popularity grew so did their patrons.

 I have seen a lot of Patreon pages that seem to do well, but offer their patrons very little in return. My goal is not to get rich but rather to review awesome gear that relates to home studios, and then turn around and give it to my patrons. Win, win!

Your Win:

By being involved in the community you will get to suggest, or even vote on gear, that you would like to see reviewed. In turn, if you are one who pledges $5 or more a month you will be entered into a drawing for the gear that was just reviewed! You will also get some free goodies just for becoming a patron at $1 or more a month. All drawings will be fair and I will even show the drawing being done to clear up any doubt that you are the winner.

My Win:

The monies received will help to offset the cost of podcast hosting and website maintenance, as well advertisement.



Twitter: @1SoundDoctrine

Instagram: @ramcclellan

Sunday, August 21, 2016

HSS Episode 031-Interview with Ethan Winer


In this episode I interview Ethan Winer an audio expert with years of experience in recording, mixing, and audio in general.

Ethan is the Co-Owner of Real Traps, a company that produces high quality acoustic solutions for studios of all sizes.

He has wrote articles for several magazines over the years including Tape Op, EQ, and PC Magazine, to name a few. He has been active on forums for years, helping home studio, project studio, and large studio owners from all walks of life better understand their equipment as well as their acoustic issues.

I wanted to bring him on the show because he has a knack for explaining things in a simple and understandable way. He also is a champion of dispelling audio myths, which we talk about!

Here are some links to get a hold of Ethan:

Ethan's YouTube Channel:

The Audio Expert Forum: http://the-audio-expert.freeforums.��net/

Also as mentioned, here is the link to A Cello Rondo! You gotta see this! A Cello Rondo



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