Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Compression Simplified

I've got some cool things coming up over here at the website/channel! As a subscriber, I'd like to reward you with a special deal that I'm only giving to those I call friends. (That's you!)

In a month or two I'll be releasing my first paid tutorial called "Compression Simplified"!

I'd like your input. I'd like to know what you'd expect to see in a course like this. Essentially you can help shape it into something even more useful, aaaannnnnnd for helping out you will get the course at a huge discount!

I'll be selling the course for $79 USD, at least that's the number I'm coming up with now. But depending on your feedback I might adjust that price as well.

Anywho, if you'd like to help, get in on the early release price by reserving your copy now at a low price of $17!
Get in on the Early Release here

Look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dean Zelinsky Tagliare at a Glance

A friend of mine let me set up his new Christmas present. (A new guitar) 
This was the first time I had ever heard of the Dean Zelinsky private label guitar line.The neck was the first thing that really made me curious and after playing it, I must say, it really does provide more comfort and increase speed. 

 Learn about the Z-Glide here: https://deanzelinsky.com/z-glide-guitars 

This model (The Tagliare) was custom built with the patented Z-Glide neck, locking tuners, a two post floating tremolo, and a 9.5" -12" radius fingerboard. The pickup selection in this custom set up is a Sidekick in the neck position, a Single oil in the middle, and another Sidekick in the Bridge position. 

The SideKick Pickup is the World’s first pickup that is a true Humbucker and switches to an authentic Single-Coil – all in a single pickup. With SideKick technology, switching from humbucker to single-coil, the pickups actually match volume. There is virtually no volume drop-off as in conventional Humbucker coil-tapping or splitting. 

Study up on the Sidekicks here: https://deanzelinsky.com/sidekick-pickup