Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Plug-Ins for For New and Old

When I first started out, I didn't know anything. (I mean like NOTHING) I had to learn it all along the way. Thanks to YouTube and good Ol' Fashioned books, I have come a long way.

Probably one of the most complicated ideas for me to wrap my head around at first was that I could load a "plug-in" up into my music program and it would do stuff. Most of them sounded great on "paper" but the names were misleading or completely philosophical and not applicable to what the plug-in actually did. Worse yet, I'd open the thing and it was so complicated to learn that I literally would have to spend all day just messing with it.

Enter KiloHearts! I sincerely wish this company had been around when I first started out. Not only are the plug-ins exact representations of what they are named, they are so simple that my son (10 years old) could know there usage when asked.

What's even better is because they are stripped down of all the eye candy, they are very easy on your computers RAM and hard drive space. Each knob, every slider, and every adjustment that could be made has a built in guide that tells you exactly what you're adjusting! (Simply hover over any given adjustment area, and it will show you a small pop up info window) So, if you are a beginner I highly recommend you snatch these up.

For those of you who are thinking, "I'll bet they're lacking on the quality side." I am here to tell you, as one who has used boutique plug-ins from a huge variety of big players, these plugs are very competitive and offer just as much versatility and power as others on the market. In fact, the creativity behind the MultiPass plug in alone is enough to draw in even the most advanced audio nerd there is due to its infinite possibilities.

Here is a short video that I made in hopes to display what words can't say. Give it a quick look and see if you're creative juices aren't inspired!