Saturday, January 23, 2016

Creating A Song: Step By Step

If there was one thing I really desired when I started to record and mix my own music, it was a clear cut, over the shoulder tutorial. I needed someone with more experience than I had to set me down and say, "Here is how you get started."

Unfortunately, I never had that. Though there are a ton of online tutorials, none of them seemed to cover just the basics, or how to get started in all of this. Since then there have been some who seen the need and stepped up to the plate to offer some help. I simply had to figure it out as I went and make a ton of mistakes.

That's why I decided to start a series of videos where I go through the entire process, step by step. It is that over the shoulder, "Here's how you get started" video series that I was looking for when I started out. Now you can follow along with me as I go through the whole thing! The best part is, I am not doing a ton of editing or working ahead. Why, is that important? Because it will allow you to see my mistakes. Yep, I said that. Then I will show you how I fix some of those mistakes! Priceless!

All to often (especially with social media) we catch only a glimpse of the beautiful editors rendition of something. This at times leaves us thinking that we need to be perfect. Although perfection is a good thing to strive for, and as a perfectionist I am guilty, we can over do it at times. The best concert I ever went to was a Casting Crowns concert. The reason why it was so good was because it was raw and unedited. They messed up a few times, but just kept right on going. The best training I have received on my job was at those moments when everything went wrong and chaos was running a muck. Thence trainer stepped in and showed how to fix it. Now, had that never happened, I would have been lost if the same situation cropped up without a trainer and without the experience. So, when I run into a problem with the mix we are working on, I am not gonna fix it in pre and then present it in post as a perfectly polished peice of work. Instead, I am going to point out the mistake and walk you through how I am going to attempt to fix it. A boss will tell you how to do something, a salesman will show you the finished product while carefully leaving out important flaws in that product. A leader, and a friend, will walk you through the whole process so that your aware of all the ins and outs, and show you how to do something.

That's what I am wanting to achieve in this video series. I want to genuinely help with a real world approach. Will the song be perfect? Nope? Will this series make you better? It may help you grasp some concepts to help you get there, but ultimately doing more recording, mixing, writing, etc., is what will make you better.

So head on over to YouTube and follow along with me as we go through the "Creating A Song: Step By Step" series.

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