Saturday, February 20, 2016

HSS Episode 023-Tax Time Ideas


During tax time we all get tempted to buy that shiny new thing that we want but may not truly need. In this episode I talk about two things that you can buy that will dramatically improve the sound quality of your recordings.

Mogami Cables

Furman Power Conditioners

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Break Out of The Box

The audio world used to be full of rebels willing to break all the rules. Now it's held back by those who want to either follow suit or stay within presets and pre-defined guidelines. The reason why we have half of the effects, plug ins, and innovative gear choices at our finger tips, is because of someone who was not satisfied with the status quo.

It was those late night experimental mic placements. The beautiful accidents of various electronic anomalies. Those "mess ups" that were intentionally left because it DIDN'T sound like everyone else. There was a different thought wave when it came to music years ago. The studio was not so much a place to make magical recordings it was an instrument in itself that merely captured those magical recordings. Recordings that were made by well versed and thorough musicians. These great takes were then enhanced by a more than able engineer with good ears, a heart reference of what music should sound like, and a limited amount of ways to achieve that balance. It was not one person or any one idea that made a great record. It was everyone binding together and pursuing the same goal.

During the month of March, I challenge you to experiment with something new. We all get locked into our habits. That mi sounds good on that cabinet, that guitar pedal always stays at those settings, that vocal take is always treated with the same effects and sung on the same mic, in the same room, with the same person... See what I mean. It sounds kinda boring. 

If you want to really ramp up your interest and discover new things, then try new things and you will naturally be excited by what you get from that. Stand out, and do something that you or no one else you know for that matter has ever tried! Come back periodically and let me know what you've done and lets share!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

We Have A Lot To Learn

I saw this a few months ago and just had to share it! This so true! I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and watched several videos of "famous" mixing engineers and all of them say repeatedly that they are learning stuff everyday. Mixing is very technical, but there is a side to it that is also very artistic. Maintaining a balance between the two is crucial, and when art is involved with nearly anything, it is always evolving and changing shape.The only way to effectively manage that change is to continue learning and trying new things.

Today, I encourage you, that before the end of this week, try something new. Search youtube for a cool trick or tip and apply it. Put up some mics and move them around a room with an acoustic guitar until you have a catalog of various sounds in that room. Put a distortion pedal on your keyboard. (It actually sounds pretty cool) What you will find is that by doing things in a different way and learning new things to try out, you will rekindle the passion for what makes you unique. Your methods will be different, your style is different, your music will be different, because you are unique. So don't be afraid of learning new things from someone else, rather embrace them and they will ultimately fall into your hnads and be molded in a way that only you can.

I challenge you to DO SOMETHING new this week!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

HSS Episode 022-Getting A Vocal To Set on Top

In this episode I give several tips to get that vocal to "set on top" of the mix.


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Monday, February 1, 2016

Song Creation, Step by Step

Well, the "Creating A Song: Step By Step" video series is over, and the newly created song "That I Might Live" has reached the final mix stage. If you have not followed along during the process of making the intangible idea a "tangible" song then head on over there and check that out.

There were some great take away points that I wanted to share with you though, when it comes to the process as a whole.
  • The single best thing that someone could do for their recordings is to commit to their sounds and utilize some processing on the way in.
  • Having an arrangement in mind long before recording can help but the arrangement should not be restricted to one "phase" of song production
  • By using small moves in several places it does a whole lot more than huge moves in fewer places
  • The best tones are not achieved inside a DAW but before they ever go in
  • Attention to detail and timing makes a huge difference between a mediocre production and a professional sounding one
I hope you have enjoyed the series. If you have any questions hit me up!