Thursday, April 30, 2015


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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Which Body Style Is Right For Me?

Though some can be hard to spot, there are actually a variety of different acoustic guitar bodies. So, how do we simplify our choice of which one is right for our style of playing? 

Well, the overall consensus is that the Grand Auditorium style is the most well rounded, and widely used, for all styles of music. It also delivers ease of play for most every artist. It is the "middle of the road" approach. 

So, are you all confused on which body style to get? Just go "middle of the road". If that doesn't feel right you will have a good starting point to go from. You will know if you need a smaller or larger body right out of the gate, and that could save you a lot of time searching for "The One".

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chart Topping!!

So a couple years ago I joined a website called "Number1Music". They were having a promotional in which anyone could upload 3 songs of their own to be listened to on Jango radio.

I uploaded 3 original songs and pretty much thought that was the last I'd hear from them. Turns out, I began receiving emails monthly, telling me that my songs were being listens to and downloaded!

Out of curiosity I went back to the site to check my account. I found waiting for me there over 160 subscribers and a ton of downloads on those songs! Unable to afford the "all access" portion of the site my demographics and stats were limited but it let me know that at least someone was hearing the message.

It has been awhile since I heard anything from them and thought nothing of it really, knowing how fickle people can be when it comes to music. Then the other day I get this in my inbox!

I was like, REALLY!? Number 1 in the state of Indiana! Number 4 in the whole United States! I mean... Wow!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Improve Your Skill-Set Instantly!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Louder Mask

Have you ever had a mix that sounded really great until you turned it down?

My hand is definitely up on this one. It's so tricky! There are actually scientific reasons as to why that is happening when it does.

It's the same situation that occurs in a choir setting. There is always that one person (God love'm) that just can't carry a tune, and so everybody else starts tying to drown them out. The result is a choir that sounds good until they get to that quiet part where all the singers have to bring them notes down a notch. Then all of the sudden the awkward smiles start forming on faces, and everyone starts trying to pinpoint "that guy".

The same thing happens in a mix when we start out mixing to loud. We get it sounding good and then we add that next instrument. Suddenly things aren't sounding quite right so we grab them faders and go to town. Ahhhh, there we go, it's gone! Until that break comes and things start dropping out right before the big swell pre chorus. Then like a thorn in your side it begins to grate against you. Problem is, now you have done so much to mask it earlier that it is hard to find it in the crowd of tracks.

The best way to avoid this that I have found is to simply mix at lower levels. Then not only is my imperfect room performing better but the mix has added clarity. Turn that mix down a bit from the get go and take that mask off the mix.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Can Limitations Be A Good Thing?

Often as home studio owners we think, “If I had all the equipment I needed THEN I could make some great music!” The fact is, if you are not making great music now then you probably wouldn't if you had all the gear in the world.

Time and time again I see home studio owners limiting themselves because they think they have to many limitations. It is a self defeating attitude.
The fact is, those very limitations you think are hindering you, could very well be your greatest asset! Let me explain it this way. If you went to see a doctor and every time you walked in he had some new gadget he wanted to try on you, would that make you feel confident with that visit or a little leery?
I know I would be a little hesitant. To me it would seem that he was either using me as a guinea pig or that he was never fully acquainted with the tools he had. That would make me a little nervous.
On the other hand, if he had just the basic tools at his disposal and could use them well, then I would be much more confident that the visit would go well.
You see it is not the new bright shiny tools that make a doctor good at his profession, it is knowing how to use the tools he has well!

Your limitations could actually be to your advantage! So what if you only have one mic and you need to record several sources with the same one. At the end of the day you re going to learn more by doing than by getting, and you will become so acquainted with that tool that when the need may arise you will know exactly how to use it, and use it well!
I used the Blue Yeti for an entire album. WHY!? That was all I had. And you know what, I can honestly say now (even though I have obtained other mics since then) that I know when to reach for that mic. I know exactly how it sounds, what it sounds good on, and how to make it sound better on a lot of different things! Yes friend, embrace your limitations and learn while you are there. The only way to learn is to do now what you think you could only do later if you weren't so “limited”. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Check it out!

If you have not yet heard this great album, go check it out! This is proof that those in a home studio can make great sounding music!

Monday, April 6, 2015